Wiosenna trasa KAMRADA musi zostać przełożona. O nowej dacie koncertu w Polsce poinformujemy Was tak szybko, jak będzie to możliwe. Poniżej oświadczenie artysty:

„Hey guys,
I’m so sorry to tell you that we have to postpone my upcoming “I Believe Tour 2023” from April/May to fall 2023. Unfortunately, the complicated situation in the live music industry has also affected the ticket sales for my shows and we are currently not able to realize the tour as we planned it originally.
It was hard for me to make this decision as I was looking forward to seeing you all and partying together with you on tour, but with the higher costs for touring and our current ticket sales, it is just not possible to play the shows yet.
I’m in the studio everyday working on new music and I promise to bring a lot of new songs with me on tour this fall, so we can finally sing and dance together!
My team is currently working on the new dates for the shows in Warsaw, Budapest, Amsterdam and Luxembourg and we will let you know as soon as possible when they will take place.
All tickets remain valid for the rescheduled shows.
Thank you for your support and for your understanding. I hope to see you this fall and I’m looking forward to amazing shows with you!
All the best,