Devendra Banhart’s “Flying Wig”, is a landscape of recurrent dualities; a can of paradoxes, a box of worms. What goes up, must come down, eventually. Battle-scarred by life and loss, Banhart found himself despondent, folded inwards; finding it difficult to speak, let alone sing. Turning his back on Los Angeles’ wailing sirens, he packed the bones that would become “Flying Wig’s” songs into a bag and took to the secluded woodland of a Topanga canyon. The album is the actualization of a precious friendship with the acclaimed solo artist, multi-instrumentalist, Mexican Summer stablemate and producer of “Flying Wig”, Cate Le Bon. Stepping outside of himself to examine the unspeakable, Devendra Banhart is suddenly freer than a bird. He is as free as a wig that transcends the body, transcends the head, and makes for the clouds.