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Stu Larsen OSKA

7. 5. 22BARdzo Bardzo, Warszawa

19:00 doors | 19:30 OSKA | 20:15 Stu Larsen

Currently, Stu Larsen has no fixed residence…all he owns is a suitcase, a guitar and a couple of cameras. You can find him in his native Australia, in Spain, Japan or South America before he picks up and leaves for his new destination. The Queensland, Australia-born singer, songwriter, and narrator packed up his life in a suitcase and circled the globe on a thirteen-year and six-continent international trip, as chronicled in photography and his latest album Marigold via Nettwerk Records. Since his debut EP, The Black Tree, Stu’s discography carefully traces every step of his journey. “In 2014 and 2015, I was a vagabond and an adventurer. 2017 and 2018 felt a bit more solid. I was still traveling, but I knew more about who I was and what I wanted. 2020 has seen me searching for true love and connection in a bigger way.”

Stu has now toured the globe numerous times over, cultivating fans with sold-out concerts around the world. In addition to documenting his travels through photos, Stu has lived numerous adventures, including an emergency appendectomy in Indonesia and getting a little too familiar with a jaguar at a party in Mexico City. His most recent globe-trotting adventure was to take him through 11 countries in 31 days, the long way round from Australia to Argentina but was stopped short half-way through due to a global pandemic.

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