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Smokeasac Teddy

31. 8. 19Chmury, Warszawa

Smokeasac’s journey began several years ago in Boston MA. Studying audio engineering and production at a local college, he wasn’t tuned into the college experience, wanting to break out of just learning and start doing.

After 2 years, he quit school and left the academics behind, bound for Los Angeles with his laptop and limited funds. He wanted to dive into the music business and make it on his own, not really knowing how he was going to accomplish his dreams. The reality of “making it” in Los Angeles soon became more about survival than music. Out of money and homeless, he spent his time crashing on couches and sleeping on the street trying to keep his dream alive.

Along the way, he was making friends…other dreamers with similar circumstances, trying to survive, holding on to their hope of making music and success. Smokeasac started to collaborate and make music with anyone who wanted to build songs off his beats. He started pushing music up to Soundcloud and growing his name.

One of those collaborators was Gustav Ahr aka Lil Peep. A kid from Long Island who also left his world behind to head west and make it in the music business. As it turns out, 6 years earlier, the first beat that Smoke ever sold online was to a 15 year old Gus. Destiny had brought them together before they had even met each other later in LA. This pair spent many nights on the street, couch surfing, talking, dreaming and making music together. Along the way, they became the best of friends. Brothers from different mothers.

It was this collaboration of passion and desperation that led Lil Peep and Smokeasac on the path to discovering a sound, that once released to the world, began to gain audience. Through these early collaborations they worked and refined their version of EMO / ALTERNATIVE / HIP HOP that now resonates with youth culture. The songs began to get millions of listens, their cult stars began to rise and garner the attention of the industry. To date Smokeasac’s music has been streamed on SoundCloud over 30M times!!

With a foundation built on Smokeasac’s beats / production and a legion of growing fans, Lil Peep’s ascension continued. Both were signed to First Access Entertainment to write and record Peep’s first collaborative effort for major release around the world. Six months were spent in studios in LA and London, writing, growing, evolving the sound that had become their own. The first tracks from those recordings were released in August of 2017 as a 7 song EP – Come Over When Your Sober pt 1.

The first single – Benz Truck featured guitar work and collaboration with multiple Grammy winner, Rob Cavallo (Primarily known for his production work with Green Day, he has also worked with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Paramore and many more). Working with Rob on this first song for the album was an incredible experience that allowed Smokeasac to see his future and to learn, grow and evolve his production skills. Grammy nominated producer George Astasio joined Smokeasac for further collaboration on the album, lending additional guitar work and support for Smokeasac’s vision.

Come Over When You Are Sober pt. 1 has come out of the gate strong with great reviews about the production and the sonic quality of the songs. In total, the EP’s 4 videos have over 165M views on YouTube and the EP has over 171M streams thus far on Spotify alone! An amazing response to Smokeasac’s first commercial collaboration!!

Dreams do come true with dedication, commitment and passion. From homeless to “on the rise” as a producer, writer and artist…Smokeasac is just beginning to make his dreams a reality. Always writing, creating and collaborating he is looking forward to 2018 with more music being released that will showcase his talent and vision.

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