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Röyksopp RYSY

16. 10. 23COS Torwar, Warszawa

18:30 – doors
20:00 – RYSY
21:00 – Röyksopp

Not many acts from the electronic music scene have such a unanimous and long lasting following, as the Norwegian duo Röyksopp has managed to maintain for over 20 years now. They’ve crafted a unique and timeless style combining electropop and deep house with ambient textures and downtempo atmosphere. Throughout their career, the group has collaborated with a countless number of acclaimed vocalists, including Robyn, Fever Ray, Susanne Sundfør, Lykke Li, Erlend Øye, Alison Goldfrapp or Astrid S. Their current “True Electric” 2023 tour features pulsating, almost rave-like vibes and impressive visuals, making it one of the most exciting events of this year’s autumn.

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