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The organization of the Pentatonix concert in May is still impossible and the band is forced to postpone their tour until next year. Of course, there is no question of canceling the Polish concert – together with the band we managed to set a new date for the show and we can officially announce that the group will perform in Torwar on May 15, 2023. Of course, all tickets purchased so far remain valid, so see you at the concert!

Pentatonix , the most famous a capella band in the world, rightly shrouded in legendary fame, has been forced to pospone their world tour again. Thus, the date of the Polish performance of the group has also been postponed, and the band will perform in Warsaw’s Torwar on May 15, 2023 .

Pentatonix fans have to show a lot of patience, but in this case there is undoubtedly something to wait for. Pentatonix is ​​a vocal top of the world, for real. Five artists creating music combining almost all genres of the world have made hundreds of thousands of people fall in love with them thanks to their extraordinary voices. In addition to creating original songs, Pentatonix are famous for their arrangement of pop hits and popular Christmas songs, which break records of popularity every year.

The Americans have already won 3 Grammy Awards, and their albums are constantly on the Billboard chart (ten of them reached the TOP10 of this list, including two which won first place) and were repeatedly covered with multi-platinum, platinum and gold. Their YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers and their videos have already been watched over 4 billion times. These numbers speak for themselves – Pentatonix is ​​a powerful brand, and their live performance will be an event that will be remembered by listeners for years.

Although almost a year remains until the concert at Torwar, the pool of tickets is largely exhausted. Currently, there are still tickets for seats on sale, which you can find at,,,,, and in Empik stores.




If I have bought a ticket for the previous date, do I have to exchange it?

No. Tickets remain valid for the new date.

The new date does not suit me. Can I have my money back?

Yes, please contact the original point of purchase (,,,, Refunds will be granted until 07.05.2022.

Will there be an additional pool of tickets? What will be the prices?

Yes, there are still some tickets for seats on sale, they are available for PLN 249 via,,,,, and in all Empik stores. Tickets will be available until the concert is sold out.

 I have more questions.

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