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21. 11. 22B90, Gdańsk


DakhaBrakha, one of the most exciting Ukrainian and Eastern European bands, recognized all over the world for their absolutely unique style, will return to Poland this fall. The group will play five shows in Poland; 20.11 at Progresja in Warsaw, 21.11 at B90 in Gdansk, 22.11 at CK Zamek in Poznan, 24.11 at Zaklete Rewiry in Wroclaw, 25.11 at CK Hype Park in Krakow.

DakhaBrakha’s music, called “ethno chaos” by the artists themselves, combines the influences of traditional Ukrainian folk songs with experimental improvisations on world music. DakhaBrakha’s concert is an inspiring, non-obvious show that really stays in your memory for a very long time. It is not without exaggeration that they are called the most recognizable ambassadors of Ukrainian culture in the world. After all, they have already played in huge concert halls in Europe, Asia and both Americas, as well as at the largest popular music festivals, including the legendary Glastonbury, and videos from DakhaBrakha viral recording sessions are spreading on the web.

The uniqueness of DakhaBrakha’s music flows from the authenticity and power of the message obtained through seemingly simple means. Traditional instruments combined with the moving vocals of the artists create a spectacle that absorbs the listener in its entirety. Two open-air concerts that DakhaBrakha will play in Poland this year are associated with the promotion of the new album “Alambari”, released in 2020, which was recorded during a recording session in Brazil. New musical influences have expanded the band’s sonic range even further and will most certainly also leave their mark on DakhaBrakha’s performances that are simply a must-see live.

Tickets for Polish concerts, at the price of PLN 119 are on regular at fource.pl, GoOut.pl, Eventim.pl, Ticketmaster.pl, Biletomat.pl, Going.pl and at Empik stores.

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