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29. 1. 22BARdzo Bardzo, Warszawa

Unfortunately, due to constant problems with traveling around Europe, Dagny is forced to cancel part of the upcoming tour, and thus also her concert in Warsaw at BARdzo Bardzo club. The artist herself issued a statement to her fans on this occasion:

Hey guys!

I am so, so, so VERY sorry that I’ve had to reduce the number of shows I’m playing on this tour…. damn corona virus and it’s knock-on effects! You know how much I love touring, so I promise I will make it back to Warsaw as soon as possible, with more new music and the kick ass show you deserve. I can’t wait to see you you all again and to sing with you. Thank you for getting tickets, I appreciate you with all my heart. Lots of love D xxx”

Purchased tickets will be returned directly at the ticket offices where they were purchased. Take care and see you soon!

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