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Allie X

10. 10. 22Niebo, Warszawa


Hello my dear followers and supporters. After much thought and going back and forth with my team, my doctors and in my own mind for months, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not ready to tour yet. This is where I’m at: I’m still recovering from the events of this year. Since I got out of the hospital, healing has been my top priority, and I actually thought by the fall EU tour I would be feeling stronger, more confident and ready to prove myself. This is not the case. I feel emotionally, mentally and physically fragile. In the past I likely would have ignored these feelings and still done the tour, but I’m trying this new thing where I don’t push my body and mind beyond what it can handle ha. I have, however, decided to keep two dates- London and Manchester. I feel comfortable taking on two great shows that are in close proximity to each other that have limited travel. This way Cape God will at least get to be celebrated live twice, and at least some of you will get to experience it. I’m sorry for everyone that I’ve disappointed with these tour cancellations. I know some of you have had these tickets for literally years, because of the pandemic. I am very very lucky to have such incredible fans, and I really hope to make it up to you when I’m on more stable ground. For now, I’ll be doing my best to make these 2 shows the best they can be.

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